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video: Diego Maradona Actually Waits For Person To Nutmeg In Hallway | FUNNY MAN



We’ve heard the phrase ‘you never lose it’ mentioned about Diego Maradona. The Argentina legend and all-time great is 55-years-old and will possess above-average skill until his dying day. Another thing that he will never lose is his insatiable appetite for nutmeg. That’s right, Maradona is still a nutmeg scallywag.


He posted a video on his Facebook page earlier today showing him with a football literally waiting in a hallway for someone to walk by so he could feed his nutmeg addiction. Poor woman never saw it coming.

Beware Diego

We can almost guarantee that Maradona is in a supermarket right now waiting for someone to pass him. They’re all watching him from the top of the aisle he’s on. The police have been called. Almost guarantee it.

Watch a man who will nutmeg your dignity away in a heartbeat in the video below.



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